ELLA Learning Alliance on Climate Resilient Cities

by ayanendu1

ELLA Learning Alliance on Climate Resilient Cities

starting January 2013

Full details available here

Applications are now open for our 4-month learning programme between Latin American, African and South Asian policymakers, practitioners and researchers, offering:

ü Knowledge of good practices and policy examples from Latin America, and an exchange of experiences from other countries, in relation to making cities more resilient to climate change

ü Networking with people and organisations working on similar challenges

ü ELLA certificate on completion of the programme

ü A study tour to Latin America for selected active members from Africa and Asia

This programme is designed for:

People who have an interest in sharing their own practices while learning from other regions, networking with a group of peer experts, and have the time to engage actively in the discussions. People who are interested in putting change into action as a result of the learning exchange are ideal candidates.

The Learning Alliance will be led and moderated by:

REDEH, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with support from CentroClima and a range of institutions working to improve the resilience of cities in Latin America.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join. We anticipate members will need to devote about one to two hours per week to the learning programme.

How do you join?

Please read the full programme details here.

Then to apply, fill out the online application form here. Applications will be evaluated as they are received. The final deadline to submit applications is December 7th, 2012.