Workshop @ Indian Institute for Human Settlements

by ayanendu1

About the Programme
Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is pleased to announce the 5th iteration of the short course on "Working with Digital Maps – Leveraging the Power of GIS" to be held on 18th – 20th January 2013. This course has been hugely beneficial to learners from varied sectors including Government, NGOs, IT and private practitioners.

GIS is being widely used in various sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, rural development, urban areas, health, education and industrial development for spatial planning, area-based development assessment and goal-based performance monitoring. However, GIS is believed to be an expensive proposition that entails high financial costs and significant technical expertise. This need not be the case. IIHS is conducting a 3 day short course which will teach learners with basic computer skills to utilise open-source software and leverage the power of GIS.

The short course on “Working with Maps” aims to equip the learners with essentials of mapping, offering insights and hands-on exposure to working with various free-and-open-source mapping applications. It is a unique and intense 3-day programme for working professionals from diverse backgrounds working on different aspects of human settlements. The short course will equip learners to appreciate the nuances of key concepts, enabling them to quickly learn, test and apply the techniques in their respective domains and eventually be able to produce maps for their own needs. It is highly recommended that participants bring their own data that they intend to map or visualise them spatially. This will also expose learners to use/develop mash-ups based on popular web-based GIS applications like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc. and open up learners to use volunteered geographic information and crowd-sourced knowledge in their respective use cases.

  • Introduction to Mapping
  • Overview of some free and open source mapping applications
  • Preparing Datasets
  • Working with OpenStreetMap
  • Web GIS and Mash-ups
  • Final Presentations by Learners and Conclusions
Participant’s Profile
Application is open to candidates from all disciplines while individuals with backgrounds in architecture, planning, engineering, economics, finance, sociology, anthropology, geography, political science, environmental sciences, social work, law and management are encouraged to apply. This short course is open to young professionals with not more than 5 years of experience in related fields. Students currently pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in relevant fields can also apply.
Programme Charges
Rs. 5,000 for early bird offer and Rs. 6,000 is the cost of the programme. Charges for International participants is Rs.7500. This does not include residential facilities. Students can avail of special fee of Rs.4000.
How to Apply
Applicants are required to apply for the programme by filling the online application form. Participants will be selected through a two-stage screening procedure comprising this form and an interview, if applicable.

To apply for the course to be conducted during 18th – 20th January 2013 click here

Important dates
Kindly visit to know about important dates for January 2013 course on “Working with Digital Maps”.