Regional Training Course @ RIMES, Bangkok

by ayanendu1

RIMES is organizing a Regional Training Course on Paleoflood Hydrology in Flood Risk Assessment, from 18-22 February 2013 in Bangkok. The training shall mentor participants in paleoflood data collection, analysis, management, and application in flood risk estimation.

Although paleoflood hydrology’s primary function is to extend flood chronologies over a period of time, it is also used in:

o Flood risk (and water supply) estimation using flood frequency analyses with long-term data
o Identifying climate-flood relationships (i.e. do floods cluster in time, and whether these clusters are related to varying or changing climates)
o Determining upper bounds of flood magnitudes based on long records
o Estimating long-term recharge in arid land

For more information, you can write an e-mail to rimes or visit the webpage for this training course: